Clear cellophane sleeves, clear cellophane envelopes and clear cellophane packaging also called clear cello sleeves, clear cello envelopes and cello packaging. Our crystal clear packaging come in over 200 sizes with a pressure sensitive resealable strip on the flap. These .0015 mil products are extremely strong, acid free, archival safe, museum quality, not made of cellulose and more durable than heavy paper envelopes and sleeves. Made of crystal clear polypropylene. Our products make excellent mailers for greeting cards, catalogs and related products. They provide protection for greeting cards, photographs, art work, news papers, and your products.

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Just a few advantages of our clear packaging

Lower your mailing and shipping cost!

Clear sleeves and envelopes are light weight, not made of cellulose, do not require special art design for your packaging and mailing envelopes. Your product or message shows through with out additional art work requirements such as a non-adhesive mailing label placed inside with or with out other information displayed. If used for mailing we recommend you use self-adhesive stamps rather than the lick it or wet it style (always test it b/4 you use it).


The self adhesive flap!

The self adhesive strip on the flap is protected by a removable protective strip that when removed allows the flap to seal the envelope but while not easy to remove can be done so to correct a mistake. Flaps are not easy to come unsealed and not a concern of mailing.



These thin light weight sleeves provide more protection than paper from water and other similar materials as long as they are not submerged. The material is stronger than paper but can split down the sides if pulled on or over filled. Not something that would happen from normal use are rough mail handling. Material is tougher than a paper envelope. These sleeves are acid free, archival safe and museum quality.

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